Denso and Toyota Analyze IoT Data With Quantum Computer To Improve Transport

DENSO Corporation and Toyota Tsusho Corporation, today announced they will conduct the world’s first test using a quantum computer to process data from a traffic IoT platform. The…
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China Could be Leading US In Quantum Computing Race

China believe that information dominance is key to global power and are pouring billions into developing artificial intelligence and quantum computing. Three experts told a House Armed…
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The Arrival of Powerful Quantum Computers Could End Age of Secrecy

The arrival of powerful quantum computers could undermine encryption, the “foundation of internet security” within the next 8 years. It is axiomatic that enterprises pay attention to the exotic…
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China Gathering AI and Quantum Technology Researchers In Mission To Become Military Tech Power

China has gathered 120 researchers for its top research institute as part of a push to develop military applications for artificial intelligence and quantum technology. More…
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