Israel “Quantum Queen” Reveals What To Expect From The Arrival Of Quantum Computers

Quantum computing is moving into the mainstream. Now Google, Intel, IBM, Microsoft, Alibaba, as well as pharma, automotive, materials and other billion-dollar giants are announcing…
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Sydney University ‘Hack’ Could Unleash Quantum Computing

A breakthrough by University of Sydney physicists could quadruple the error margin quantum computers can tolerate without becoming dysfunctional. The researchers achieved the feat by…
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Quantum Breakthroughs “Expected In Coming Weeks” From Microsoft and Google

Two of the world’s largest technology companies, Google and Microsoft, are set to announce major quantum breakthroughs in February 2018. Todd Holmdahl, head of Microsoft’s quantum…
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Intel Unveils 49-Qubit Quantum Computing Chip at CES 2018

Intel announced last week that it has built a 49-qubit processor, indicating it is on par with competitors IBM and Google in the race for ‘quantum supremacy’. The announcement…
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